At SIGMA, we make cultures tangible


A DNA is the sum total of your most valuable business asset — your corporate culture. It is not rooted in what you do, but in why and how you do it. It’s a common and tangible direction for your company that drives your core business, makes you matter for your employees and customers, and separates you from your competitors.

Far too many companies don’t drive their business by their DNA. As a consequence, the potential is left untapped. By making cultures tangible, the DNA will challenge the status quo and lead the way towards a strong, profitable future.

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Making cultures tangible in a way that activates untapped corporate potential is a matter of detecting, decoding and driving the DNA. Based on contemporary research as well as 20 years of experience with culture, branding and strategy management, we have developed a 6 step process for cashing in on culture.

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What people say about our method

What I experienced as unique in the way SIGMA handled the job was that they elbowed their way through and found what was really unique in both Oticon's history, and in the product that we were about to introduce.
Lars KolindFormer CEO of Oticon
When you formulate the cause of your company – the core story – all of a sudden you have a reason to get up in the morning – you have a cause worth fighting for, and you are proud to tell your friends and family what you do.
Finn KetlerCEO of Coloplast Wound Care
Communicating through storytelling has made a very difficult period of implementing great change in our organisation a whole lot easier – because our common values were made recognisable – and that is because of storytelling.
Lars HansenFormer CEO of STARK