DNA Energizer

It’s easy to come up with the things that frustrate you, and what you want to change; people do that all the time, and it drains your energy. That’s why SIGMA developed activities around everything that already works, and creates unity for your team.

Energy boost

Workshop 1 (1 hour)


Warm up your team and strengthen the community across offices and departments.

Result: Renewed energy in your daily work

Shock therapy

Workshop 2 (2 hours)


Discover what makes your company unique and how it is perceived from the outside.

Result: A common ground and renewed energy in your daily work

Full charge

Workshop 3 (4 hours)


Dive into the core of what brings your team unity, the biggest challenges across the teams and the potential you can achieve. 

Result: Strong community and drive for the future

What does a workshop consist of?


Group work


Each workshop is designed especially for your workplace, and can be hosted on Zoom, Teams or similar platforms in order for everyone to recharge your batteries, no matter where you are. Take a break from managing — SIGMA will host every workshop and make sure your team is challenged the right way.

Want to know more?

Reach out at kf@sigma.dk