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About Us

SIGMA uses Deep Mindset Mapping to connect companies with their unique DNA and build sustainable strategies that are supported by the people.

Our clients include all kinds of organizations that believe strategies should not be disconnected from the people making up their culture: from globally organized corporations with +10.000 employees to locally organized start-ups.

In brief, our work narrows down to three main pillars:

The DNA is always in the sum


Using Deep Mindset Mapping we help you make your culture tangible. It’s only natural that there’s a gap between values/strategies and the true mindset of an organisation’s most important stakeholders. Making this gap visible is the first step towards closing it.


With more than 20 years of experience we know how to turn your cultural challenges into opportunities for growth. Whatever the challenge is that you are facing, we help you take the right steps to align different stakeholders’ mindsets.


Successful strategies are deeply rooted in an organisation’s cultures. We help you connect to your core DNA to build a sustainable strategy that people in and around your organisation recognise and identify with.

Curious to take action in your organisation’s culture together?