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Deep Mindset Mapping

Deep Mindset Mapping closes the gap between rational corporate strategies and employees’ actual mindset and behaviour.

Deep Mindset Mapping replaces the rational, but superficial approach of customer satisfaction surveys, employee engagement surveys and culture surveys that force people into rational boxes. 

Using artificial intelligence, Deep Mindset Mapping collects valuable human input on video and distils it into deep, tangible and unbiased insights that make your strategies succeed. The approach helps you engage all stakeholders, identifying where they agree, disagree and where their shared potential lies.

From surveys to videos

It’s a fact that people don’t fit into text boxes, so why do we keep trying to do that? Videos allow real human thoughts and emotions to surface, delivering insights that are much closer to your organisational reality.

From numbers to people

Let’s face it. It doesn’t actually provide practical value, when we know that people would “2/5” recommend your product to a friend or when your employees “3/5” feel happy and fulfilled at their work. We need to start replacing numbers with people’s stories about what is actually happening in an organisation, and how you can improve together.

From non-insights to insights

Responding to open questions on video allows people to think outside of the box and share what is actually on their mind. Deep mindset mapping provides more nuances and details, allowing for new, unexpected insights – and it often delivers the solution for challenges at the same time.

Curious to take action in your organisation’s culture together?