Finding the shared DNA of Carlsberg, Tuborg and Coca Cola together with truck drivers and managers?


Carlsberg, Tuborg and Coca-Cola had officially merged, but hardly any employees actually felt they were part of the same company. Truck drivers from one brand refused to stock the others in bars and production facilities were physically separated with fences. All of the expected synergies failed to materialise and numbers were going down.


The process decoded the Carlsberg DNA across the Coca Cola, Tuborg and Carlsberg cultures by focusing on what they have in common, instead of their differences. Ownership was created by having all 3774 employees train each other in the DNA. Using the SIGMA methodology, all training was completed within 3 weeks.


The project increased the job satisfaction rate by 19% and allowed the company to win market share for the first time in ten years (+12%).


Job Satisfaction Rate


Increased Market Share

Culture isn’t something you can find on the supermarket shelves. It’s something you need to work hard on. Culture is as important as a good analysis and numbers. Storytelling is an effective tool to bring down barriers, work in new ways and as a unit. Only when we work as a unit, we can bring down the barriers.

Jesper JørgensenFormer CEO, Carlsberg Denmark

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