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How can a shared DNA merge seven highly specialised companies, each with their own unique culture?


Although the formal merger of seven companies had decent financial success the same was not reflected in the culture. The employees did not feel united as one team and wouldn’t even say good morning in the hallway. There was an unhealthy internal competition that impeded further growth.


Instead of dwelling on all the things that made them different, SIGMA conducted interviews with different internal and external stakeholders, focusing on the things they had in common. The process ended with a DNA that everyone felt connected to and identified with.


The DNA raised the company’s sense of unity from 41% to 65%, while the employees’ ability to connect the DNA and values to the ordinary workday soared from 51% to 82%.


Sense of Unity


Operationalizing Company Values

The DNA is what makes the business live. It is the platform which everything else is built upon. It’s been there all along, also before we merged — but it hasn’t been practiced. 84% of our employees are now proud to work in DCC energi and the DNA has created better collaboration, momentum and will give us more motivation, which leads to more customers, you do more things the right way, and you become more effective. That raises the bottom line.

Christian HeiseCEO, DCC Energi

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