Involving 8.000 globally distributed employees in defining our core values?


Back in 2000, LEGO’s culture was strong, but way too complex. As the company grew, more and more values were added, creating a company code that counted 34 values. Naturally, employees could not remember or live them all. That’s why LEGO was looking for something that employees could steer after and use in their daily decision making.


SIGMA supported LEGO’s 8.000 globally distributed employees and managers in narrowing down 34 values into three, by online interaction. Stories about the culture were used to make the values come to life – no matter where in the organisation people worked.


Based on the stories, employees and managers could agree on the most important values. 87% picked the same three values, each related to its own unique LEGO story. Using these values as a north star, acting according to the core of LEGO’s culture became much easier for everyone.


Aligned with Company Values

Corporate values are nothing on their own. They are expressed through the actions of the people in an organisation. Top management often communicates in strategic terms, which can be difficult for the normal employee to understand and use in their daily work. Here, the stories are really effective, because they provide concrete examples of what it means to be fx customer focused as a company. It’s not just stories, it’s examples of actions that are concrete and useful for each employee and their work.

Anja PlougmannLEGO

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