Discovering the shared DNA across many locally rooted hotels?


The Comwell culture had always been strong locally, but they did not know what difference they made as a group. Everyone could feel that there was something special about Comwell, but they couldn’t pinpoint or communicate what it was — and the customers couldn’t either.


Through the involvement of guests and employees, SIGMA helped Comwell find patterns in what everybody felt made them stand out amongst all the other hotels. This process finally led to one unified DNA across all hotels, which still leads Comwell’s decision-making today.


One year after the DNA project was kick-started, Comwell managed to increase its net income from DKK -13,8 million to DKK +5,3 million. Moreover, in 2016, the hotel chain further increased its net income to DKK +10,4 million, almost doubling the bottom-line.


DKK net income

I’ve never experienced better feedback from our employee satisfaction surveys than after this project. I’m convinced that our financial progress on the top line, as well as the bottom line are thanks to this process. Our bottom line has increased 25%. This was a very good investment!

Peter ScheldeKoncernchef, Comwell A/S

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