Driving a digital transformation, when nobody believes in it?


Oticon was struggling financially, when they were about to launch DigiFocus, the world’s first 100% digital hearing device. Amid a very critical market position and sceptical stakeholders, they needed a unique launch.


We invited scientists from audiology, neurology and technology to create the core narrative of Oticon’s digital transformation. Personal stories from hearing impaired people showed the impact of Oticon’s new invention. Combined with the scientist’s critical evaluation of Oticon’s invention, these stories created a transformation that could not be ignored.


‘The Computer Behind the Ear’ grabbed the attention of the global media and became Oticon’s most successful product to date, raising the company’s stock from 395 to 1.100 in less than a year.


DKK Stock Price Increase

SIGMA elbowed their way through and discovered what was utterly unique about both Oticon’s history and the product that we were about to introduce. In this way, they enabled us to integrate it into everything we did — not only in the actual product introduction but in everything that we did as a company.

Lars KolindFormer CEO, Oticon

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