Successfully taking over a locally rooted company as a global brand?


After taking over Karla, a local Czech phone company, Vodafone needed to align two very different cultures. Karla’s employees did not want to be part of Vodafone. Vodafone Czech Republic was searching for a methodology to uncover the shared culture between the two companies and create a core story that united them.


Based on the methodology from our book, SIGMA trained the team to conduct the process independently. Instead of getting lost in the conflict between the two cultures, we looked for uniting narratives, which together created a core story they were proud of and made them realise: They did things the same way.


After engaging in a three week facilitation process, Vodafone Czech Republic began to see themselves as part of the Vodafone family – and vice versa. The increased level of interaction and the mutual admiration between the two cultures immediately showed in the financial results.

At Vodafone, we were looking for a methodology to help us discover our company’s purpose and consequently define our brand. We not only defined our purpose, we engaged our people in a facilitation process that they considered stimulating, energising and inspiring.

Stephen BlanchetteFormer Brand Director, Vodafone CZ

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