Merging 74 independent branches that did not want to merge?


For years, the STARK management had wanted to combine all their 74 branches. Each branch had their own name, culture and ways of doing things – sometimes they were even competing against each other, without knowing it. Despite their shared ownership, the branch owners had no interest in joining forces — making the company miss out on huge synergies. After an expensive attempt to merge the branches by force failed, SIGMA was called for help.


Instead of forcing something onto the branch owners, they were invited to be part of the process. Through many interviews and stories about the culture, SIGMA’s methodology uncovered what they all had in common. The branch owners discovered that they were not as different as they had thought and realised the potential they could gain by cooperating.


Within the first year of the DNA journey, STARK reached a sales index of 119, hereby harvesting a profit of $25 million. Furthermore, from 2003 to 2006/07 STARK almost doubled their EBITDA from $67 million to $117 million.


USD EBITDA from 2003-2006


Sales Index Reached

The effect surpassed our wildest expectations. We were successful on every single measurement parameter: New customers, bigger turnover, significantly higher profit, greater employee satisfaction and visibility.

Per LarsenFormer Marketing Director, STARK

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